Assuming that you understand what is SD-WAN, In this blog I would tell you about how to pursue SDWAN Specialist SilverPeak i.e. SPSP

In my opinion, you can pick up SD-WAN learning with a basic good understanding of CCNA having a bit of MPLS knowledge. However, this is an emerging technology which has its plus and flaws. A comparative study on how the normal scenario of working and SD-WAN benefit to it will give you better view on why SD-WAN and its future prospectus.

Silverpeak is leading SD-WAN Tech, I personally found its been used in most of Europe. There is a great opportunity to learn now and gain certification without any spend, so don’t miss the chance.

At the moment, SilverPeak Offers below list of Certification levels.

202 – Deploying SD-WAN Technologies (DST) – Introduction level giving you SPSP certification
221 – Advanced SD-WAN Deployments (ASD)  – In-depth working and complex deployments giving you SPSX certification.
225 – Troubleshooting SD-WAN Networks (TSN) – Network Operations and Maintenance Study.
230 – Designing SD-WAN Networks (DSN) –  Design, build, and size Silver Peak SD-WAN solutions

Gradual progress with each courses will eventually able to make you well-versed in this Technology by an year I believe, and definitely has a very good scope of opportunity in next decade.


Lets just start with how to progress with SPSP for now, and I will update on how to make a further progress towards its learning very soon.
Mind has a good grasping if we kept in steps to maintain the order in learning for long lasting memory. So lets follow it in steps:-

Step 1:-   Please click on below link, which will take you to the page where you can select the course you want to learn.              


Step 2:-  You can click Self-Paced and it will take you to purchase catalog to add the course modules. Instructor-led is webex session where you can listen to him teaching on the schedule mentioned in the right side, if you feel you can register for it to understand better.



Step 3:-  click on both the cart price of courses, it will get added and shown in the cart, then click on view shopping cart as below right.


Step 4:-  The proceed to checkout as in below, it will take to registering page wherein click on Create Account and fill the details mentioned to progress.


Step 5:-  Once you’re done registering, it will show as in below with courses to view.



Step 6:-  Click on start, it will take you through list of videos to see. Once you’re done with all videos evaluation will show completed. After completion, you can click on line bar in the top right corner and select My Courses to go to Course list any time.

Step 7:-  Once you have completed the 3 Courses mentioned above, you will have the exam module listed in your Courses. You can click on start and take up the exam.


Step 8:-  Before taking exam, make sure you have seen the videos carefully and familiarized, as question will be based on the video content. I would advise to once again go through all videos in one-go on a weekend, and go for the examination. 


Step 9:-  There will be 60min timer running in for you to answer in time, for all 40 Question.


Step 10:-  Don’t worry even if you fail in the 1st attempt, you can have multiple re-try until you get 70%.
However, the question wont be repetitive so you have to be carefully watching the videos  so as to clear the examination. 
These are the 10 steps to do for completing the courses of SPSP, and once you successfully pass the examination you have the certificate as in mentioned in the post. 

!! Wish you all the best !!           

Thank you for the read this far, wish you good luck!!                                                                           


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